Saturday, January 12, 2013

Employee Engagement- IV

Every company should ask questions why people will stay with your company. If you make the job more meaningful, the probability of their staying is more, but it should be complemented with other factors as well.
The website name ‘what keeps you?” is conducting ongoing research on the factors due to which employee stay in the organization. According the research top six factors are:
1.      Exciting, challenging or meaningful work,
2.      Supportive management and good boss,
3.      Being Recognized, valued and respected,
4.      Career growth, learning and development,
5.      Flexible work environment,
6.      Fair pay
Surprising the “fair pay” is at 6th number and highly rated is “exciting, challenging and meaningful work.”
There are lot of research where the findings more moreover same.
Culture ( plays important role here. Most of the time, top management says that their culture is open and transparent, but actually the case is different.
Vital factor is how you make your team collaborative and accountable for their performance. People perceive collaboration as important attribute where they make the work exciting and challenging. It is organizational job to provide the environment and culture that enhances collaboration, cooperation, and encouragement between all organizational members.
You can assess the environment just by looking stepping into the organization. Your security guard is the first person who creates the impression of the culture. Sometimes you get the dull feeling, sometimes, vibrant and sometimes tense.
In our organization, we have lot of visitors, customers, auditors and during the opening meeting with them; they first mention their positive experience with the security people. While explaining the safety rules to visitors, our security guards show the passion and this passion brings the excitement in their job.     
This does not come within a day.
Organization also means supervisors and managers of employees show the interest in employee wellbeing (not only welfare), develop them, give proper feedback, enrich their job, demand more, stretch targets, support and reward at right time make employee’s job more challenging, meaningful and exciting.
(To be continued….)    

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Nitin said...

Very True. If employee finds the challenge and job satisfaction in his job then compensation doesn't matter.

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