Sunday, October 06, 2013

Why I read...

My parents were not rich. I didn't succeed even single rupee from them but I succeeded a rich property from them, ‘my reading habit’. In my childhood, my elder siblings gifted different books and my mother used to read all the stuff including newspapers. I had a small cupboard attached to the  wooden table. I made a small library with all stuff. Not so many books, but good books and magazines to read. My village was so small that we had no library. In schools, we had very small library. Even newspapers were not delivered. Environment maintained for reading something  was discouraging. But my small library with limited books helped me a lot. I must have read all the books hundred times. Those books were my friends and mentor too.  

Today, I can afford to buy books and my son is very fortunate that he has all the reading stuff available including encyclopedia, magazines, books. He like to read all. He knows most of the stuff which probably his 5th standard peers don’t. Perhaps my son will definitely recognize me for this rich heritage. I also suggest to my friends, colleagues and employees in my organization to get books for their children.

Unfortunately people take books only for putting in show case.  During this week, I was invited by two business schools for  interacting with the students. I spoke on employability and what industries expect from Management students. I asked common question, “how many student read any newspaper?” At both colleges and hardly 5-6 students raised their hands. I asked how many student read book except academic books. Hardly 2-3 students raised their hands.

There are lot of excuses, but there are people who get time for reading something. Perhaps all the students will get the job. Perhaps by not reading newspapers and books, they will not mislay anything. However they will definitely lose the opportunities to excel, opportunities to learn something extra which may be useful in dealing with difficult situations in life…

There are two people in this world, who like reading and who don’t like reading. I have seen people who even don’t bother to read newspaper. Reading is a habit and it is developed during childhood. Unfortunately in our education system reading is limited to academicals books. It is associated to examinations. Students are forced to read and then solve questions in examination and examination is associated with hidden fear.. fear of failure in exams so reading itself is dreary for them.  

Everything written in books may not be right, there are some opinions, especially in autobiographies, philosophies etc., but they give us different perspective and ideas to be used in different circumstances. For me, books are friends, mentors and coach. If you don’t have anybody to consult, then books come to your rescue. Authors give you a perspective and sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it is just fun, but give dose of encouragement and motivation; sometimes it’s just philosophy but gives you an intellectual strength; sometimes, it is just knowledge, but helps you to differentiate from others.

Instead of just blindly following to so called babas, bapus and maas, take some time for yourself and read something. Nothing to lose, but just gain something.    


Dhaarani said...

nice article on stressing the importance of reading books... yes books will be a good mentor.. i too have the habit of reading books.. In my hard time books give me peace of mind and help me to solve it...........

V.Raghunathan said...

Hello Mr Vinod BIdwaik,

A very nice posting coming at a time when book reading habit is dwindling
down thanks to TV, Movies and other diversion that have made a big invasion
in every one's lives, to take away the precious moments of reading a book.

Some wise man remarked that Books are your closest friends who do not fight with you !

Hope readers of this forum will take your message and take to books again.

dream said...

Hello Mr.Vinod,

Firstly thanks for your reminded us to read,i agree to your thoughts on how books can be your friends...i have personally experienced it...i realy like to have MY time for reading....knowing all these i could nt take time for reading but after reading your posts i plan to take time to read some stuff which enriches me.


Unknown said...

Resp Sir,
Thanks for reminder to read books. Actually I do not much read the books. But whenever I get the time I definitely get your article. I get much knowledge from your article as from a book.

Thank you very much Sir!!

Best regards
Ritesh chaubey

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