Sunday, May 04, 2014

एक और अनेक microbiologists कि मौत....

It was first day of the graduation class in 1990. There were almost 70 students in the class. It was introductory class for the subject.  Everybody was excited and wanted to know the tips for being successful in the life. I was expecting that professor would say like, “Welcome to my class, you have chosen the important subject to learn in life and you will build the career on this if you work hard.” I  and even other students also expected that they would listen something positive about the subject. However professor started negatively, I still remember his words. “ After completion of your graduation, you will face the dark reality of life, there will be huge darkness and you will have to struggle a lot.”

By studying this subject, if your life is in dark, who will chose to graduate in the subject? Next day 50% students opted for Chemistry, Zoology and Botany instead of Microbiology. I remember few students even going for Geography!  We were only 25 students who completed the subject after three years.  The course was restructured by the university and we also got the opportunity to work on small research project. My projects was adjudged as per the best project and I received the award by Microbiologist Association. 

However these three years were with full of struggle and torture by professors. Students started to dislike the subject and at the end very few went for post-graduation. Almost all the student chose different professions. I don’t remember anybody who made their career in pure Microbiology.

I understand his point of view and toughness required to handle the immature students. But is this the only way to handle?  By spreading the negativity about the subject, even he was not confident on the subject  which he was teaching.

“You will never be successful, you will have to work as porters at Railway station after your graduation.” Once the same professor scolded us. Our Professors’ such behavior had made us rebellious. 

If I speak about myself, I decided to do something differently. I think the self motivation & positive thinking brought me at this level.   

Today almost all students are successful in their respective careers and even few are entrepreneurs.

We are not at loss at all, but country has lost many young Microbiologist and researchers :-).

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