Friday, May 09, 2014

Bus Conductor who makes people happy….

देणाऱ्याने देत जावे.........  

I used to travel daily to the college by state transport bus. It was Ojhar (where the factory of Mig fighter planes is located) to Nashik.  Bus was always crowded, and most of the time the travel was by standing. It was starting March and we were preparing for the examinations. One day, I took the bus and fortunately I got the seat to relax while travelling. After few minutes when bus started on Highway,  there was a huge crowd of vehicles on the road stuck up in the traffic jam.  Whole route was jam.  There was no guarantee that we would reach at college on time, however there was no point to go back. I decided to face what is there as the whole situation was not in our control. Vehicles were moving with slow pace. 

There was one old woman in the bus, who was seating quietly with big bag besides her on the floor of the bus. The bus conductor was jovial cracking the joke on the situation and people around. His personality was pleasant and language was polished. He was sharing his funny experiences while dealing with different people.  He shared funny incident where the bus was fully crowded. It was difficult for him to get inside. Meanwhile someday rang the bell to hint the driver to start the bus. Driver started the bus and after 3 km, he came to know that there is no conductor in the bus.  

He lean towards the old lady and asked her what she was carrying in that heavy bag. Bag was with groundnut. She was taking the bag for her daughter from his farm. He asked her to give some for him. He also shared few with us.
He mentioned the few lines of famous  Marathi poet & Dyanapith awardee, Mr. Vinda Karandikar. Lines are as under…

“देणाऱ्याने देत जावे,
घेणाऱ्याने घेत जावें,
घेता घेता देणाऱ्याचे हात घ्यावे..”.

This means the donor should donate, receiver should receive alongwith the intention of donor & character of donor….

What a beautiful poem he recited?  Surprisingly, I had not expected this from ordinary bus conductor.  Speaking about Literature & poem and interpreting the meaning is not easy. On the request he recited few more poems of other poets.  He also discussed about Marathi and English Literature... Though I was studying science, it was also my interesting area. Most interestingly he also was interpreting the meaning behind stories.  
He was double post graduate in Art & Literature and doing research. He told me that literature as his hobby which give him motivation to do his thankless job. He was committed and spreading the joy in his bus. That day, It took 3 hours to reach at the destination but the journey was enriching and delighted. When I left the bus, I had a new friend. I was almost travelling regularly in his bus. We shared the discussion over a cup of tea at bus station.         

I shifted to Nashik city and then lost his contact. However I remember him whenever I read or listen the poem.. “देणाऱ्याने देत जावेI learnt a life philosophy from him… to be happy and make others happy…

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