Saturday, June 14, 2014

Learning agility

Imagine the situation, where you are asked to handle the situation. The situation is totally new for you.  What will you do? You will explore totally new options to handle the situation or you will look back and explore options which you learned from other situations which were difficult for you that time. Not necessary that the same option will be useful in new situation, but you may find some path to deal with the situation.   
Failure is the best teacher in life. Experience during certain events in life is also the best teacher for others. 

We also have lot of challenges, struggles and difficulties in our life. We try to find solutions and perform in odd situations. However   we miss the apply such experiences in new situations in life. 
Ability and willingness to learn from experience, and then apply that learning to perform successfully under new situations is called the learning agility. It also means creating meaning out of events.    

Successful people create meaning out of events and relationships that devastate failed people… they look at the same events that unstring those less capable…and see something useful …The signature skill of leaders is the ability to process new experiences… and to  them into their life.
If you have the learning agility, you will do following things. …
  1. You are critical thinkers who examine problems carefully and make fresh connections,
  2. You know solutions yourself and are able to handle tough situations,
  3. You like to experiment and can deal with the discomfort of change,
  4. You deliver results in first‐time situations through team building and personal drive,

If you want to grow in the career, specially at leadership position, your learning agility counts.  The researchers said that  people who are learning agile, seek out experiences to learn from. They enjoy complex problems and challenges associated with new experiences. They have an interest in making sense of them; perform better because they incorporate new skills. A person who is learning agile has more lessons, more tools, and more solutions to draw on when faced with new business challenges. 

It is after all, taking turns while climbing the career ladder.  These turns are sharp where you need to learn new capabilities and competencies very fast. This also can be gained by learning from experiences.     

Don’t  you think so?

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