Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Feedback on "College to Corporate via Interview" is still pouring...

"I got opportunity to read the book. Mr. Bidwaik has shared practical experience in a very simple language, it will certainly help candidates to improve their capabilities and Communication. Thanks a lot Mr. Bidwaik." Vijay M Adkar (Sr. HR Professional)

"Dear Sir, I read your book. It is EXCELLENT. It is very helpful for Senior Candidates like me as well."  Dnyanesh Junnarkar

"Sir, I am Abhilash from Viswaniketan IMeet. Our director madam recommended your book, College to Corporate via Interviews. The book is really very helpful to us and for our future planning. Thanks sir for giving such wonderful book. But it was too short, if possible can you please elaborate it once again." Abhilash Goje  

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