Friday, December 14, 2018

Feedback on Password to Enriched Life by one of the reader

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Thank you very much for giving me a book “ Password To Enriched Life” Authored by Vinod Bidwaik and giving me an opportunity to read this “Panchtantra of life skills”

I related this book to PANCHTANTRA because it has real learning like Original Panchatantra. This book also gives important thoughts through small & meaningful stories. I like this book very much. It is useful to even in my day to day work as an Employee as well as Team Leader.

In Preface , book has been dedicated to Elders and Siblings, which is aligned with our country culture and teaching by Elders, we know this since childhood and also told in our Mythology books.

Almost all stories are amazing and push you to think again & again. It prompts you to look ahead for your own future. This books gives you an Enriched experience. Every story teaches you something different. It is like Elders or ‘Guru” giving you the insight about life.  This also gives you the PASSWORD of your happy life. Passwords are very important in our life, Passwords opens next door of opportunity & Treasure. 

This book too gives us new Treasure. It opens door of success. The story "Don’t underrate me Dad"  is a learning for each parent. Similarly “Other side Of Life” makes you realize that, many opportunities an life have been missed by us just because of ignorance or inattentiveness. “Everybody knows Syndrome" is again common thing you experience and you feel that this syndrome is very dangerous one and prone to many accidents like sharp curves on narrow road. “Joy of giving” is another good lesson to each one by each parent, Such lessons by parentage  are very important to each child to convert into responsible and matured citizen of the country. 

“Ramrao and Astrologer, teaches us, how we respond under phobia or fear & how we should respond to critical situations. 

“Salespersons in shopping Mall” teaches us, how should one have the empathy with each person, who are, directly or indirectly related with us. "Perspective” realizes, how we think only from one side and not with another perception, comprehensively. "Resolution of Following Resolution" is an eye opener, because we all are good only for new start and not maintaining the same in future.

In Marathi, It is ARAMBHSHOOR, Good for  everybody &even for start ups. 

"CHALATA HAI” again endorses our another dangerous syndrome, which kept our country DEVELOPING, for many decades. Even after having freedom 70 years, we are still ‘developing’, just due to this syndrome of ‘Chalata Hai’. 

"Self Awareness" stresses on own self power and WILLPOWER, for own development. As said in Bhagvatgita, it is duty of learned people that they must work for the development of the society. Without self development, they can't develop others. 

"Make your own Luck” again is motivating story for everyone.”What is the Source of your energy”  is personally useful for me.

I again thank you for giving me chance of reading this great book and, wish that, if possible I wish to gift this book each of my colleague and each team leader in my organization. I believe that whole organization will get benefited by reading this book.

Ajit Pelapkar

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