Saturday, April 24, 2021

Future of life and work

For the last few years we have been discussing the changing world, VUCA and new way of working. There are a lot of research papers, opinions and views expressed by many wise people. I have been watching market and business trends for the last 10 years. While studying, I had predicted a few things in 2014. Changes because of these trends were inevitable, however Covid19 has pushed all to adapt to those changes. Please read different articles and my sessions available on this blog.    

And my all predictions are reality today..

  • Accelerated digitalisation in all areas of life;
  • Automation of jobs resulting unemployment but creation of new roles;
  • Flexible working, rise of contract and freelancers;
  • Increased gap: qualification vs employability;
  • Your privacy is at stake, you are tracked every time, you are subject to experimentation; 
  • Behaviour skills are the differentiations;
  • False propaganda and narratives created by hypocrites extremists, leftist, fake liberals and secular will impact your life;
  • Explosion of information and news will confuse you and hence you have to learn how to interpret the same;
  • You are used and controlled by algorithms, capitalists, marketing companies, PR agencies, media and politicians;
  • Societies will be fragmented and people will fight with each other;
  • Majority and stable governments will be destabilised. Everything is challenged in this world; The ecosystem will work against each other. This is another business model. 
  • Health and wellness is at stake, mental health is the topmost issue today.,

Everything has changed. We are modern and advanced but broken, fragmented, isolated.

Of course there are some positive signs where our millennial and Z generation is becoming more sensible about people, planet & ethical profits and increased participation of women in the workforce and economy.  

With these all realities you need to reflect, unlearn and relearn.

In such an uncertain situation you are vulnerable, challenged, subject to all types of attack and hence...

  • Step back and pause,
  • Think for a while,
  • And then Act,
  • Unlearn what you learned,
  • Learn new skills,
  • Recondition your mind cautiously,
  • Don’t fall in a trap of status, shallow world of life, materialistic things, false propaganda etc.
  • Connect and network with people.

Respect diverse views and perspectives,

Be happy with what you have and express gratitude. 

©Vinod Bidwaik

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