Sunday, May 02, 2021

Intentional Leadership

Do you know what is the requirement of business today during and even after the pandemic? Requirement is leaders, we need more leaders. Yes, you read it correctly. We need more leaders, not only one leader who has the title of CEO, title of Manger MD, title of CXO, title of Manager of some function etc etc. We need leaders, those who rise to the occasion to lead without an official title. More leaders are needed, but not just any type of leader. We need great leaders who positively influence others toward a common purpose and vision. Great leaders are needed in business, in schools, in NGOs, governments, and in homes. Unfortunately, there are very few such leaders, because we rely more on leaders who have the official title and expect them to do everything.

We expect that everything should be done by the Prime or Chief Minister, but don’t want to follow our own responsibilities. In the corporate world we follow leaders, follow their instructions, but seldomly take the responsibility to set up the expectations from them as a leader.

If you wish to establish the credibility of the leader without any official position, you can do it by having the right intent. First thing first, you should be authentic in your areas. Nowadays, we focus only on presentations. There are people who are hyperbolic. They have less content, but their branding is solid. However, this doesn’t last long. Your authenticity is when your knowledge in respective areas is strong, but you are also open to learn from others and have the courage to say that “I don’t know.”       

Everything works when you have the right intention and no hidden agenda. If your intentions are to support the team, the team will support you. Only you have to demonstrate that you have the right intentions. On a few occasions, I had to communicate very strong messages to the team or employees, sometimes it was asking them to leave the organization because of the compatibility issues with the organization. Those discussions need practice; Sometimes it is emotionally draining. However, while communicating, I used to practice empathic words, positive body language and straight eye contact. Discussion which I had thought would be more complex, were in fact very easy. This is possible when the next person connects with you and feels your intention.

Intention is not just a word; it is a feeling. While communicating the next person should feel that you have the right intention. That’s a difficult task of course.  

To demonstrate that you have the right intention, you have to lift the people up with your words. We don’t focus on our language, words we use and tone of voice, however it is the most important key in demonstrating the right behaviour as a leader. You should speak kind, encouraging, and uplifting words to those you talk with. Your words have the power to raise a person to an entirely new level of confidence, self-worth, and can help them see how great they are.

The key is to create the directory of such words which can be used on different occasions   and develop the vocabulary.

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Unknown said...

I fully agree with your thoughts. Words can be motivating and damaging too. The selection of words in every role is important. In a covid situation, only motivating words will help and support.

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