Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dragon, development & fear

Maglev in Speed
Dragon (China) has an amazing culture. They have only one political party (Communist) and the growth rate is incredible. Whenever I go at Shanghai, I see something new each time. Shanghai itself is the case study in infrastructure development. If you have the determination, you can make the development, but further development and maintenance are really challenging. China did this. Shanghai is beautiful with great infrastructure, building, systems and disciplines. They have maglev, the fastest train, which runs at the speed of 450 km per hour.

Does this mean that they have everything? No. They have same issues which we have, huge gap between rich and poor. Somebody told me that Shanghai is not the representation of real China. They are also human being and human nature is same everywhere. I was reading newspapers and the news was same which we read in India. One big shot was sent behind the bar for the corruption.

Beautiful background from 23rd floor
The only one difference is the nationalistic attitude they have. If something comes in between the personal choice and nation. They will choose first the nation. They will not comprise on quality while building national infrastructure. And most importantly they do not have chalata hain attitude. They have huge skill talent and they are also learning English. Most of the MNCs are choosing China over India. At first instant they gives the perception of being introvert and rigid to open. But once you build the relationship, they are very open.  

It took us only 7 minutes to reach at Pudong international airport from Shanghai by Maglev train. I was asking questions to myself, if they can do this why not we? Do we abuse the democracy?           

We always discuss about the rich heritage, attitude, growth, GDP and so on. But it is like the race. When you see the growth of China, we are far behind them. Common people may not so happy, but larger section is getting jobs. They are enjoying good life style.   

I was waiting for the flight for Hong Kong at Pudong international airport. One person was seating next to me. I felt that he is interested to speak with me. He smiled.

“Excuse me?” He asked,
“Yes?” I smiled.
“Can I speak with you for a while?” He asked.
“Oh; why not? But what would you like to ask me?” I
“Nothing special! I have a fear. I can not speak with strangers in English. I would like to overcome this fear.” He answered. He was travelling to Malaysia. He spoke for 15 minutes and then left.

At Hong Kong International Airport

What I like that his attitude to start somewhere; taking one step to achieve one more goal. We also have different fears in life, the question is how many time we exhibit the courage to overcome this by encountering with certain and specific situations.   

Hong Kong is planning expansion of international airport for 2020. They published the plan. They are inviting suggestions from common people on the same. I am sure they will do it.

Where we are we? There are lots of gaps. We only speak, but we do not have plans. If we have plans, we do not much bother of the execution. Political leaders are more happy to milk the money from such projects. When we run the project, we have shortcuts. It is good that Indira Gandhi International Airport is built as per the standards. But why not all projects?     


Manoj said...

Dear Vinod,

What I like in your articles is the simplicity and the learning. You have variety and the ability of putting the world with interpretative way. Thanks.


Manoj Manchandani

pankaj bhatnagar said...

dear vinod
this ine is really good is not a question of how far they ahead than us in term of infrastructure etc but question has to asked that how far ahead they in their mind sets than us.answer is LIGHT YEARS.China success story is incredible.The lifestyles which the people in china enjoy are far more superior than ours.may be we can have one option-next time when ever a govt is formed in maharashtra,we should invite a chinese to become the chief minister and give all the powers to him.china is a nation of 140 billion heads(as compared to 121 biliion in india)but they sell 10 million cars every year(4 times bigger than us.
we were buying materials from one of the companies which wqas headed by one of the most powerful ladies in communist party in beijing.she was found guilty of cheating(selling forged share)and she was punished with life imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

We need to learn about thier attitude of national pride.

Raj said...

China was in very bad condition during 1947 when we got our independence. They knew that to become developed country they need to develop literacy in country.They started execution as per their plan & vision. Whereas in our case we lack in planning,if planning is right then execution get delayed & everything ok then we won't able to sustain the samelevel. I believe that same development cud happen in our country also if all start believing on ourselves that we can bring change through our efforts in our area. JAI HIND...

YogeshHukame said...

I think we all want development but the problem is the word "politic".The fight to stay in Power keeps this politican busy.Power is used for different individual gain rather than uplifting of the country.I still keep thinking why there is not a yearly auditing system placed in law to monitor the work of the politician.

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