Monday, June 20, 2011

You can make your life more interesting

1.   Life pays for what we actually do and not for what we actually know.
2.   Most of the human being perform and do only to the extent of 5 to 10% of the actual potential. Tap the untapped.
3.   Generally a boy of <15 years age would say “Yes I think I can do that” whereas grown ups > 15 years say “I could not because…”
4.   Success is not what you possess in comparison to what your neighbor has but a comparison to your own self as what you would have had and achieved to your potential.
5.   Our thoughts control our life and destiny.
6.   You are solely responsible to what you are today.
7.   Achievers do what they want and not what others want.
8.   What you were in the past need not be a mirror of what you are going to be in the future
9.   Three important things in one’s life is:
a. How much time you spend with your family.
b. How much time you spend in exercise
c. What and when you eat today to look better tomorrow.
10. Practice not necessarily makes everything perfect but perfect practice makes everything perfect.
11. It is interesting to say every day in the morning in the event of challenges that “Wow. How nice…I have a new problem to solve” – Be in good spirit.
12. Any body can succeed in life when we succeed in withstanding :
a. Criticism
b. Rejection
c. Failure
d. Excuses
e. Feeling of No time, No money and No Talent
f. Challenge mediocrity and status quo
g. Above and beyond
13. All of us are like golden Buddha wrapped in clay. If we shed down the bad covers we are too good within.
14. You need to give your best and full to get the best in life.
15. Can you imagine of a man who was born @1910 and died @1935 and Buried @1985 ? !!! –  Better live a meaningful and successful life than live like nobody /useless.
16. Repeat this hundred times every day “I would not give up until I succeed.
17. You need to flush away your past:
A. Errors
B. Failures
C. Mistakes
D. Humiliations
18. External motivation is not permanent it should come from within. Read good books atleast 30 minutes a day. Listen to good cassettes.
19. When you expect and want the best - You Get IT. Have a strong desire
20. Mind works on two principles
a. Selection principle
b. Rejection principle
Hence be careful when you select things to go into your brain
21. Do not allow anybody to handle your self image / self respect
22. Do not ever say that I can not buy it is too expensive. Say that how can I prepare myself to buy that
23. Behavior = Drive X Habits
24. Whatever the human mind can dream, conceive and believe - It can achieve
25. Five Keys for personal success
a. Dream big dreams
b. Develop talent and competence
c. Take 100% responsibility
d. Love what you are doing
e. Single minded concentration until you achieve it
26. Do not share grow-up goals but share give up goals eg: Smoking as a give-up goal
27. CANEI should always be welcomed - Continuous and never ending improvement
28. Life equation is : Self esteem = Success / pretension
29. Everyone has three personalities
a. What we think about ourselves
b. What others think about ourselves
c. What actually we are
30. All great men who succeeded in their life are all nothing but the net output of persistent hard work with a single mind towards the goal.
31. All attempts may not result in total success but no attempts would definitely result in failures!
32. One idea, one thought and one dream can change your life.
33. There are two types of persons, one who has "X" years of experience - one year repeated for X years and second who has one year new experience for X years. Be is second category.
(Adopted from various sources)


K PRASANT said...

it is absolute truth vinod....i like ur this habit...that is the replica of u....keep give us such healthy diet 4 introspection...thanks thanks nd thanks..i m proud 2 b ur frnd.....

Santhosh Kumar Bachu said...

Hi Vinod...great lines...

Anonymous said...

Hi Vinod...

thanks for such wonderful post.....

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