Sunday, October 09, 2011

Survival tips in turbulent situation?

Bag and retain your job.  
Companies in India have kept on hold their recruitment for time being. The situation is expected to be worst than year 2008. Is India heading towards recession? Experts say, yes! At some extent! Increasing interest rates, declining GDP and inflation are fueling the slowdown in India. The situation may remain same for at least next one year.  In such situation, job opportunities will be only for experience professionals. Freshers have to struggle to enter in the corporate world and the best will bag the job. Even professionals will also have to struggle hard to keep their jobs.

The problem, in our country is that management graduates develop their unrealistic expectations from themselves. They don’t have much but they expect the best. During turbulent situation, one needs to take the real stock of their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are management, engineering, simple graduate or working professional, read my simple tips for survival.

1) Don’t be choosy about Industries and compensation:   
Why the industries pay you more, if their current talent is underpaid or they have more options to get experienced one? Is your college the best in the competition? If yes, what contribution you are going to make immediately. Industry will invest you for 2-3 years on you on their cost, and still they carry the risk of loosing you to the competition. Definitely they don’t want to train you for the competition.  Accept the company which comes first to you. If you are deserved, then you will definitely get something. One of the friends was so much choosy about the job, that he rejected offers from different companies. He used to give the excuses like. “The company is not good, compensation is not good, they will send me on the site, they may transfer me to another location and so on.” After one year, new students entered into the market and my friend was forced to take petty jobs in his career.
2) Learn more and more:
Steve Jobs perfectly said, “Stay hungry, stay stupid.” Be hungry to earn more. Just imagine yourself after 10 years. What do you like to know for? 10 years experience – Every year different experience or same experience repeated 10 years? Learn new skills, hone your existing skills, and develop your competencies. Who is kicked out first from the company during turbulent market? The person who has inferior skills is thrown out first. Once we get a degree, we stop to learn and that is bad. Try to learn every aspect of the business.
3) Keep patience:  
Most of the new guys have the tendency to change the job every year. They mention reasons like career growth, compensation and so on. Who will promote you within one year? Have you think what value you added in the company? Please stop this. Your solidity counts. Spend reasonable good time in one company.
4) Be expert and be general:           
Be expert in your profession, but also try to be general in practice.  You can be only expert marketing person; you need to be good sales guy. Who bags top positions? People who know everything of the business including different functions. They may not be expert, in all functions, but they knows aspects of all functions.
5) Be Intrapreneur:
The person who creates and brings into use profitable new products, processes, services, and ways of doing business is the intrapreneur. He is the person who behaves with entrepreneurial spirit within a large organization. They are driver by vision. They have risk taking abilities.

6) Be a self learner & starter:
I have seen people who wait somebody to start. They expect somebody will come and change their life. In this world, you have to build your own foundation. Nobody will come to teach you. Be a self learner and self starter.

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