Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Claus in our life

Are you Santa?
People who make diffrence in
our life are also like Santas!
This incident happened almost 14 years back. One of the bikers hit my mother and she felt on the road. It was an accident where most of the people on the road ran towards her. However everybody was just discussing what to do. One of the youth came forward from the crowd; he stopped one rickshaw and authoritatively asked driver to take rickshaw at the hospital. Meanwhile, I along with my elder brother reached at the spot.  She suffered a head injury and was in the hospital for one month. She had lot of problem in future but her life was saved.

The youth who helped her and supported us to take her in hospital was working in nearby Cinema Theater as a door-boy. He was just passing by the road and showed his responsiveness.

I never forget him and his gesture.  

Few years back I used to drive bike in the city. We were going back from the market, all of sudden; one youth approached us and told, “Hey, check your bike stand.” If he would have not been told me this, we would have been in big trouble at next turning.

I also recognize the responsiveness of second youth who saved us from injury, minor or major.

Giving joy and happiness also make
you the secret Santa!

On this Christmas, when I look back, I recognize both of above as Santa Claus. They gifted us something. There are lot many people in our life who come and support us, help us interntionally and unintentionally. Of course the first in the list is our family members, our parents, siblings and spouse, who may have sacrifice for us to make us grow and successful. Children make us happy. Their love relieves our stress and gives the hope of the future. This is one of the precise gifts to any parents.  They give the love without expecting something for us.

They are also Santa for us. Their gift is always long living.       
We need to take a wider and balcony view of the people in our life. The person who interviews you and gives you the opportunity to work is also a Santa. Of course, you are selected due to your talent, but then there are lot many talented candidates in the row and still you are selected. That person has the vision to identify your talent and not others.  

In my life, I also recognize all such people who gave me the opportunity to grow as a professional. They are also Santa for me.

I was watching the reality show, Bigg Boss on TV. One of the participants, Rajesawari, told a very good philosophy to the show anchor, Sanjay Datta while entering in the house.  She states, “We need to see the happy moments through the magnifying glasses so that they appear big and sad moments through the microscope to make appear them small.”  I fully support her metaphor. We also need to identify and recognize the people who may have contributed not in a big way, but make your life happy for this.  The moments, they brought are the gifts like given by Santa.  

At the end of the day, we also can play the role of Santa in the life of others. No big deal; only small gestures will help…

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and wish for a wonderful new year ahead….


Anupama Sharma said...

Excellent post. Amazing insight. There are very few people in the society who think like you. Your articles give me different perspective. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Your story telling technique is very effective. It connects with the message.

uday shankar said...

It will expect output, whatever I always expect from article. Thanks Santa Clause

Anchalina said...

Being a part of RCIA we need to do a mercy deed and for that we had to visit St.Catherine home.
Believe me visitng those kids and children was the most amazing experience and lesson of my life.
We shared and spent the entire day with the kids playing, chatting, talking,laughing.....

Every smile were wonderful and made us realize about how lucky we are to bring happiness and joy duing the festive season.

Santa means to bring joy and happiness to someone's life riteeeeeeee.........

Unknown said...

Really Nice one. Enjoyed reading . Thanks.

Unknown said...

Superbly put!!
It'sjoy to receive and also to give.

Unknown said...

This really means a lot and being practical and being a saviour for one another in the human race today is very important. So these are the incidents quoted above which one feels blessed when saved not as mercy but with a prime self responsibility from within

Dany Valdor said...

Santa Claus festival is coming

Unknown said...

As usual superbly written. We also admire such incidenceses in our life and thank god for all the good things happens in our life. But vinod, you have not only noticed them but beautifully elaborated. Stay blessed! Merry Christmas..
By Anuradha Singh

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