Saturday, April 21, 2012

Throw thy labels….

When I was kid, different guests used to visit our home. Most of the guests used to interact with me. They used to ask me different questions and would give me money for candies and chocolates. They would tell my parents that I am smart boy… In school, I was, off course, first -bencher and reasonably good in academics. Once during our examination, some students were caught while copying the answers from cheats, they had bought. Teacher scolded those students and pointed towards me, saying, “See that student, he studies, works hard and gets numbers and you…? Learn from him…”

My parents, relatives, friends, teacher and people in society labeled me, smart boy, good boy, intelligent boy etc. etc…. These positive labels given by different people, made me more positive and responsible. This also helped me to create my positive “self image.” This does not mean that I was always perceived good boy. I was also naughty, sometimes made blunders; I also tried to be bad boy in schools along with other friends. In seventh, we demanded that that school should allow students to wear trousers instead of short pants. However our PT teacher and headmaster were not in favour of the same. During this, I also protested against the headmaster and was out of the school for two days. Next day my class -teacher complained to my parents. I still remember the punishment which I don’t want to reveal now.

But these bad experiences neither made me bad nor people labeled me bad. Positive labels were more prominent than negative labels.
Your self image plays imperative role in your success. Self image is your own opinion about yourself. This is created based on your understanding of perceptions of different people about you. I am very happy and feel lucky that these positives made my personality positive and helped me to build my positive “self image.”      

However, there are incidences where people, teacher, patents are more negative towards their children. They pressurize the children to do lot many things and if they fail, label them negatively. Our personality is the “shop” of these different labels and tags. If Raju, does not win the running race, his friends would label him that he is looser. Recently one of the parents of student studying in class 3rd was summoned by the teacher and was told that their kid is slow learner. How teacher can decide and label the child is slow learner? Parents told teacher, “look, my kid had done well in his earlier school, if he is not picking fast; it is your teaching problem and at home we have not seen any issues with his learning.” Parent may be over protective, but their explanation was right; because the comments of parents would have been more important to the kid. This positive statement would have been helped him to create the positive self image.

People make perceptions about you and they tag you based on their understanding. Their perception may not be necessarily right and hence you should not worry about their tag. This happens in home, schools and even offices. Your seniors may have their own understanding about you, sometimes negative and really you should focus on positive perception to build the good self image.

The need here is to keep good labels and throw all thy negative labels.  

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