Saturday, September 15, 2012

Three years of successful blogging! Thanks all!

Dear All,

I wanted to do that…

I published my first blog ( on 17th Sept 2009. Today is 15th Sept 2012; I didn’t notice that this blog has completed 3 years. One of the friends called me yesterday and asked me, “Vinod, it’s a time for your book now!”     

My intention was to write something by every week. I learnt the real life philosophy from my son and that is “just want to do that.” And then I started and continued by every week. “I want to continue” was the feeling when writing every blog post.

When we drive from one city to another city, we don’t directly see the place. We just are able to see the few meters of road ahead and as we pass by, we compete that few meters to complete the kilometer and lot of kilometers drives us to the desired city.  Life is like that only. We need to decide something to do. Writing the blog was my personal goal and continuity was the major challenge. I was not sure how many blog post I would write, but I was sure that I will write one post by every week and it continued. Now this is a third year. My blog has successfully completed 3 years with 0.58 million hits and with 109 followers and thousands of e-mail receivers.     

And off course the journey will continue till I decide to do something else.

Thanks for all for making it so popular and value added. I promise that I will further continue with your value added inputs.

Please feel free to send your suggestions, comments, remarks….

Vinod Bidwaik

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