Saturday, March 09, 2013

How you go at home from office? Cool, it’s simple….

Travelling back to the home form office is always another struggle. Sometimes I feel that most of the problems are created by human. To make the life easy, they manufactured vehicles so that we can commute easily from one place to another place. However as usual, he never planned to face consequences. The fuel prices and congested roads are the consequences. To take care of these consequences, human made industries so that people earn more money spending on such things. This is a cycle and we lost our sleep. Pollution, noise and stress are the part of our life.
The question is how to make this journey meaningful. You can’t hire the driver so that you rest at rear seat and read some good books, or just take a nap. If you hire a driver, still he will make you feel that you have made the mistake and at last you have to drive on your own. I made this experiment and then came to the conclusion that by hiring driver you make your life more complicated. Finding good driver is impossible.  
There are certain ways to make this daily journey meaningful. You can listen music, audio books or Vedic chants. Meaningless radio jockeys from FMs are also there to make your driving enjoyable. But then you get bored listening same songs and foolish commentary of radio jockeys.
After doing this all, I came to conclusion that you yourself have to take the charge of your life. Off course, I never speak on mobile while driving and even don’t use the hands free. I have seen people who plug hands free to the ear and don’t miss a single call even while driving. I always surprise why people keep themselves so busy even while driving. Great two –wheeler riders sometimes put their and others life in danger by doing this.
For driving, only driving skills are not necessary, if you want to make your life simple and stress-free, you also need to be great saint on roads. I tried this lot and I have accepted that in any condition, I need one hour to go home for 20 KM distance and I am not in hurry. I enjoy my ride back to home. When I stop on a red signal, sometimes person behind me bangs his horn without any effect on me.
I give the way to the pedestrian on zebra crossing. Once when I stopped, the group of small children waived hands towards me. Their smiling face made my evening. Near Hotel Sarja (Aundh, Pune) crossing, there is always a mess. During pick hours traffic wardens enjoy their paan and ghutka at corner paan stall. And you know, people are always in hurry crossing the road, banging the horns. They are more aggressive on road. Few days back, on the same crossing, I put my hand outside the window asking another person to stop so that I could cross the road. Surprisingly he stopped and as another people saw him stopped, they also stopped.  It was my duty to thank him. I did by it by saluting him. Next day the same car was coming, I thought the person yesterday stopped, let me stop today. And he waived his hands thanking me. Now we both know each other at least by face and help each other to cross the road without pushing our accelerators. Someday I do, next day he does.
Off course, the traffic problem is still there, but whenever coincidence happens and he is on the road on same day, we both make our life simple, juts by respecting each other. This is working.
Why always be aggressive when not required. Apply the mind and let’s be human…


Anonymous said...

Not merely thoughtful but an essential point! Driving meditation is a brilliant practise. Thankyou for sharing yours.

Here's what we were being trained at a meditation class. We were asked to pick the most impossible place and start our back counting with the deep breathing techniques. Emptying mind is the final goal, but takes quite some practise. One of the situation which all of us have to intern in, is our travel, specially when we are running out of time or travelling inconveniently .

Initially it was very difficult, mostly made no sense to us. But eventually we saw the benefit. Recently, I was talking to a group of people who were trying to dupe me with some money. It was a difficult situation as they were prepared and out numbered me, in the meeting. My mind blacked out, and the usual expression of panic was all I could feel. I started back-counting and deep breathing. I mostly said nothing because I was trying to empty mind. Only God can reason, why they cooled down and offered me a better deal. Yes, this sounds like an exception. The technique worked for me.

Psychologically , the non-verbal cues we send, generate the verbal communication. Mindfulness in trying situation, prepares us more than we think we are. The Mindfulness Guide for the Super Busy: How to Live Life to the Fullest

Thankyou once again!

Thanks and Regards,

Neemali said...

though I want to go home with a free mind, some days, it is impossible. I know this is a problem not only suffered by me, but 1000 of others. It is simple to say leave your office work at office. but that happens when u r more attached to work. that is not correct, i know, but its a matter of self control and emotional intelligent.

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