Sunday, January 19, 2014

Six long lasting ways to manage your talent and improve their engagement.

Talent Management and employee engagement is widely discussed and unresolved mystery yet. It started long back with war of talent and still today issues are same and relevant with changing scenario.  When you do the employee engagement survey, you will find the career development is lowest score in any organization. Can it be addressed with some innovative but small initiatives? How? Let’s check some effective ways to address it.

Analyze your employee demography with their experience with your company, their age and their inclinations to their career. New person may have different priorities & old employee may have different priorities. Connect with them and try to understand their issues, concerns. Importantly don’t be just soundboard. Take it at appropriate forum.

Equally focus on new employees. First few days are important days for new employees where he decides about his stay in the organization. New employee should not be left unattended. Make sound orientation and induction plan.

Job Enrichment: Employee want to take more responsibilities. They want growth. You can club two job together, enhance the job, increase the span of control and then increase his grade or upgrade title. Off course, you also should complement this with increase in salary.

Job Rotation: Design sound job rotation policy and make it compulsory for all functions. You can develop your employee here on the job and also prepare them to take more responsibilities.

Title change: Most of the times, after 2-3 years employees come to me and asks when their title would change. Still in India (and in Asian countries), title is considered to represent the status in society, among friend and peers. Design the innovative titles which will address the psychological need of employees.

Project assignments: Find out some innovative projects where employees would add some value to the business. Depute them on cross functional projects. Project assignments are the best way to develop your employees.

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Prakash Beth said...

The best way to manage human resources and others is to touch their consciousness

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