Sunday, January 05, 2014

Uncommon in common man….

In one movie, actor Shaharukh Khan says, “don’t underestimate the power of common man.” However in reality common man was always underestimated till common man find extraordinary in him. One extra-ordinary common man come forward and made other common people joined him uncommon by throwing the ruling party out from the power. Yes, I am speaking about, the down to earth leader, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

The story of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is really inspiring. His story is not different from the action and thrilling movie story.  Few years back Anil Kapoor starrer movie “Nayak” was a big hit. Mr. Kejriwal’s story is similar to the “Nayak”. People had lost the trust on political parties and they were hopeless from corrupt and bullied political parties till Mr. Kejriwal gave them hope & trust.
Ruling party and opposition party were so arrogant that time, that they were making the fun of Mr. Kejariwal. His way of working is also criticized by them, but common man have the trust on him and there is huge flow  of people joining him. People are leaving their job and joining him. Aaam Adami Party (AAP) is growing by every day. This is an example how common man can make the difference.

But the question is how common man becomes uncommon. What are their unique characteristics which makes them uncommon? Everybody knows that Mr. Kejriwal is IIT graduate and left is high earning job from IRS. What makes him to leave the job? And what makes Mr. Kejriwal successful.

Vision and systematic goals to reach at Vision: Mr. Kejriwal has a clear vision, “Corruption free India”. He formed the NGO, “India Against Corruption”. However he had clear goals in his mind. He knew that for reaching to the vision, he need to work on short term goals and he worked. Initially he worked on “Right of Information Act.” He was also awarded “Ramon Magsaysay  awards for his work in Right of Information. From the amount he received as an award, he formed the NGO, India Against Corruptions.

Planning & Connect: Anna Hazare is a mentor of Mr. Kejriwal. He persuaded Anna for going on hunger strike. What we witnessed in 2012 was the huge success at Ramlila Maidan. Mr. Kejriwal was the brain behind every move at that time and we know how Congress government came on knees. Kejriwal and his team did the huge planning and connected with the people through multiple media. Anna and Kejriwal actually were speaking the language of common man. Even during recent Delhi elections, he was on ground and was speaking the language of common man. People elected him because they found that Mr, Kejriwal have something for them.

Use of technology: He used the technology very wisely. Web, mobile, social networking site, everything available is used effectively. He marketed his brand very well.   

Democratic way of working:  When he had to take the decision to form the government, he went back to the people. His style is truly democratic. Whenever possible he went to the people, get consensus and he delivered.           

Mr. Kejarwal is a wise man. Congress initially thought that AAP will refuse their support and hence they extended their support to save their skin. But Mr. Kejriwal form the government. Now Congress can’t withdraw the support. If they do so, Congress will lose their (remaining) credibility.

I personally feel that clear vision, speaking common man language, connect, his democratic style and branding made him successful.   


Anil said...

Well Vinod first of all I want to say its a great article on an common but not so common man Mr. Arvind Kejrival. I want to share this with all of you after his appointing as Delhi's CM i actually like reading and following about politics before it I never taken the politics seriously. I like his attitude and the way he sees and says thing. He is really a good and grounded man who is doing a great work for us. I hope he'll become our Prime Minister too and keep doing the good work the same way that he is doing from a long time.

His voice and words sound as a common man and I really respect and admire him very much.

Vitalsmarts said...

No doubt in your words Vinod! Interesting blog. And hats off for Arvind kejriwal
who did impossible things in Delhi, and we expect a lot from this leader.

Anil said...

For sure vitalsmart. He surely will do some great and fantastic work for people later on too during his reign as Chief Minister of Delhi. Recently releasing a Help line no. to stop corruption is a big step, this will surely bring a fear in heart of those persons who tries to take or give bribe. Great!! Really an amazing display of a politics from a common but not so common man.

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