Sunday, August 30, 2020

Vulnerability and Blind spots

During my school days, I had a scholar friend. He was very studious, always wanted to be the first in the class in everything. His parents were very serious about his career. They had enrolled him in all types of classes. He was perfect in most of the things. He was the student who was the first person to raise his hand to answer, the first person to help teachers to bring their books, papers, etc. He was popular among all teachers but not among us. However, he was always in stress and under pressure. His mind was always occupied with questions like, “what if I don’t have the answer, what if I couldn’t answer first, why somebody knows more than me, why some others scored than me.” He wanted to be a performing and perfect student.

As a human being, we are not perfect. Even the most perfect person is totally imperfect. However, understanding the imperfection is crucial. Most of the time, competition makes us more active and we tend to be first in everything. Being first is very nice, however it does not necessarily mean we should have all the answers to everything.  

We also have people, leaders, employees around us who want to be perfect, strong, and performing employees. However, this is not helpful to anybody. This thinking is the major flaw in our development.  We lack that vulnerability which helps us to be wise people. A vulnerable person is comfortable with not having all the answers, engages perspectives and thoughts of their people and does not have to be the first with an idea or the first one to answer. Most of the time people consider vulnerability as the weakness, however lack of vulnerability creates blind spot in your life.

This “blind spot” exists not only in our collective leadership but also in our everyday social interactions. We are blind to the source dimension from which effective leadership and social action come into being.

As per the research, most of the leaders have those blind spots. This is because they have the pressure to prove that they know everything. As expected by followers, leaders should have all answers. Another important area is lack of self-reflection and inner space. 

In general, we know very little about this inner space. Inside Out approach is taken rarely to enhance the performance. Unfortunately, there are different tools & techniques seldom used. This lack of knowledge constitutes a blind spot in our approach to leadership and management.

We need to be reflective and take the inside out view to make the personal and professional life more effective and enriching. There are few techniques like Johari Window, where you improve self -awareness by interacting with other people. Another philosophy is Mindfulness where you make aware yourself with all your senses. When you use all the senses, you reflect more; by doing this you develop the Intention to cultivate awareness, attention to what is occurring in the present moment and attitude that is non-judgmental, curious, and kind.       

However, the most powerful method is “holding your inner space”. You can create or “hold” a space that invites others in. The key to holding a space is listening to yourself (to what life calls you to do), to others (particularly others who may be related to that call), and to that which emerges from the collective that you convene. But it also requires a good deal of intention. You must keep your attention focused on the highest future possibility of the group.     

Finally, it all starts with “you” and making yourselves aware what’s there for you in it. We should not shy away to take help from others if required.  

(Opinions are purely personal & does not represent my organization)

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Avdhut Musale said...

Absolutely True, You hit the nail on the head!

Sachin Aute said...

Nicely written Sir

Unknown said...

Extremely well written, ultimately I myself am responsible for the creation and destruction of my journey personal or professional

Dr. Dhanashri Vinod Bidwaik said...

Other than ‘you’ Nothing is important. Listen to yourself carefully. Very nicely written 👍

Anonymous said...

This article is Worth it. Listen To Self-Improvement Podcast

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