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Everybody speaks about vaccination unlike earlier days. Thanks to Covid19. However during my childhood vaccination drives were painful events. Mostly such drives used to happen in schools and innocent kids were the victims. My school was not different. Every year, government medical officers and their staff from the district place used to come for the drive in our school for different vaccinations.

Parents were not aware about the necessity of timely vaccinations. The government was playing this role. When those doctors were coming for vaccination drives, it was a different atmosphere around. Few students were tense, few were happy; Tense because of the fear of injection and happy because of breaks to classes.  From then on, we understood the meaning of the phrase, "Tears of joy in one eye and tears of sorrow in the other." however both eyes used to fill up with tears. Afterall we were primary students. Some of the children would cry loudly just sensing the next action of doctors. Few would demonstrate the courage to say, “What am I afraid of?” However the whole atmosphere used to be serious overall. Glass syringes and needles would start boiling in water. I am sure there will be no difference between the state of mind of the goats who were dragged by the killer.

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The doctor used to rub the spirit on the arms with a smiling face, sometimes with a serious face. And a needle would be inserted inside. In the first, the children would scream in pain, some would just shed tears, while some strong children would pretend to be brave. It was like a war-like situation where small kids were fighting against their common enemy which were doctors, nurses and assistants. I was also among them. 

Once during such a vaccination drive, my father was passing by near the school. Out of curiosity, he peeked into the school to see what was going on inside. When I saw him, I started crying. I had held the tears, but after seeing him my eyes were tearful. Seeing that, he came straight inside, picked me up, wiped away my tears. My father's reassuring touch and words made me run away from my fears.

Parents do not want to see their child's tears. I remember, despite my wife being a doctor, she had tears when my son was pierced for blood for the tests. We may not realize the importance of our parents and their caring for their children. We realize that when we become parents and we start missing our parents. Take care of them when they are with you today. 

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