Sunday, February 12, 2012

Positive influence…

I have seen some people who always are worried. They face all the problems in the world. They do not get any support from their colleagues. Their children fell ill frequently. The tyre of their vehicle goes flat and so on. Why all the misfortune happens with them only? If you observe these people closely, you will find common thing among all this misfortunate people and that is their negative attitude and people around them. The evil is in their mind.

People are unhappy for material things which they don’t have. They are not happy for what they have. Like minded people come together. Their whole world becomes negative. They pay higher price for not being positive.  The problem is we choose the life which we don’t want and don’t choose the life which we want! Being happy is the choice. I don’t say that being happy will avoid your flat tyres or illness of your child, but you will find more energy to deal with it. You will have not to pay anything extra for being positive.

We should learn to choose the reality. This will help to design the life. This world is very big and there are all types of realities are happening simultaneously. Positive and negative happenings are also the reality of life, but the effect of the negativity on your life will make you unhappy. Positivity plays important role to neutralize the negativity.

One of the friends was not confident to take the higher position. He denied lot of opportunities saying that he was not ready to take the higher position. After few years he was far away from the competition. He had to struggle.

For many, it's not so much a search to find values and a purpose to base their lives on as a search for an identity, an image, with a heavy emphasis on individuality. This individuality is built on positive thinking. To change negativity into positive energy, just reverse the belief you want to change and say it to yourself over and over again, using all your enthusiasm and excitement.

We should ask the question, what we want to be known and remembered for the negative attitude or positive influence we have on others.   

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