Sunday, July 01, 2012


Identifying and developing Intrapreneur should be
the agenda on HR table which seems to be missing.

Once the leader is successful, then he is widely recognized as a leader. Executives, who are highly paid, not necessarily always make the impact in the organization. Sometimes, top management makes mistake just by hiring the pool of officers for different function based on their previous experience. Sometimes, it is just the responsive action to the market; however they do not add much value in the organization. These executives/officers earn money for them and leave the organization within 3-4 years. They gain their salaries, but organizations do not gain much. This is common among all Industries. The much hype is done while hiring, but then they do not fulfill the expectations.

All these people are from good institute, from good companies. They possess good technical, functional knowledge & good soft skills. Their presentation skills are amazing. Based on the presentations skills, networking skills, they get good positions in the organizations. But the most important skill, they ignored, is Intrapreneural skills. We all know Entrepreneurial skills. However Intrapreneurship is always ignored. It is the skill exhibited by the employees who are working in corporates. Anyone who behaves with entrepreneurial spirit within a large organization can be called intrapreneruar. Though they do not work for themselves, but work for the organization with high ownership and integrity.

Intrapreneurship is one method of stimulating & then capitalizing on, individuals in an organization, who think that something can be done differently and better. Individuals who believe strongly in their own talents and frequently desire to create something of their own.
They want responsibility & have a strong need for individual expression & more freedom in their present organizational structure. Risk taking ability is required skillset in Intrapreneurship.

They mainly exhibit following skills.

They are driven by vision;
They always venture new business ideas, products are services;
They are moderate risk takers;
They are persistent;
They are intuitive and analytic;
They are honest rule breakers;
They face reality; they use feedback.

Intrapreneurs are the internal venture capitalist. They are known for turning an idea in profitable product through assertive risk taking and innovation. It doesn’t matter in which function they work. This can be in sales, marketing, production and even in HR. However this quality is missing in corporate world. Ideas are discussed. But when it comes to implementation or converting that into the reality, they can’t drive the execution. This is mainly known as “knowing and doing gap”.

However it is the culture and HR needs to play the vital role in identifying Intrapreneur in organizations.

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