Friday, July 20, 2012

Maruti Suzuki union violence & murder of Awanish Kumar

Violence at Maruti plant is the shame
& will have negative impact on
 industrial  growth.
There are two different & significant news in this week. First news is more perilous which is related to the vandalism by union of Maruti Suzuki and brutal murder of Mr. Awanish Kumar Deo, GM-HR of Manesar plant. The second news is about Rajesh Khanna.

 Automobile companies are more vulnerable to labour unrest. In past, country has witnessed major vandalism by unions. Yesterday I was watching news on Zee business and Gurudas Dasgupta of CPI was commenting on the incident. His comments were purely biased against the industries and he was straight pushing the responsibility of this incident to the Suzuki management. His language was very rude and I think first he should be put behind the bar for such statements. In modern economy, companies are not unfair and I see the companies focusing on labour welfare and up-liftment of workmen. Companies also need good employees and they pay even more than the market. The problem is with the local politics and the mindset of local community towards industries.

They don’t understand that the managers and general managers are also employees of companies. They do not individually responsible for the decisions always. They do what they are told based on certain assumptions. They also have families. Killing somebody is not justified. Unions have strong mass base and they have muscle power. They carry political affiliations most of the times. Union leaders push their own agenda and frankly speaking they do not care about the common workmen.

Issues should be discussed mutually and settled amicably. Industries sometimes do not understand grey colour. For them there are only two colours, black and white. However discipline and productivity is the fundamental requirement and right of the management and should be enforced.   

Responsible union leaders and workmen involved in the above case should be booked without mercy. The act on their behalf is not at all union movement. This is purely the act of goondaism.   Now it is upto the government, how they tackle the issue. If Suzuki decides to shift the plant outside Manesar, the sufferer will be workmen and common people around the area.

Avanish family lost him without any fault. May Lord give Avanish’s family Courage and Patience. Let’s pray for his soul to rest in peace.     
Jindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi!
“Anand mara nahi, Anand marate nahi”, "Jindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi", these are dialogues through which Rajesh Khanna spread the positivity in whole society. The first super star of Bollywood and legend passed away in this week. His films and dialogues taught people how to live the life. Rajesh Khanna was the symbol of liveliness, romance, love and positivity.

May God give Rajesh eternal rest and may his soul rest in peace.      

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Anonymous said...

In the case of supermax a senior GM in HR was hit very brutally, when i managed to save him. I was also badly injured.

This is a again a case of labour unrest with local politics.

The laws of the land are also to blame as there is no case registered on mobs in such situations?

Who will take care of the victims family?


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