Saturday, August 30, 2014

Power of Rituals…

This is a festive season. Lord Ganesh has arrived at devotees’ home. The whole atmosphere is positive and energetic. Lord is worshiped by devotees with full of passion and devotion.

After Ganesha, there will be Deshera and then Festival of Lights, Diwali. In between there will be lot of festivals. Everybody, from rich to poor, seniors to juniors, will perform and rituals whole heartedly.

What do these seemingly unconnected individuals have in common? All are practicing magic and rituals. Magic and rituals have long been connected.

There is magic in any ceremony that we do, whether it of a routine nature, such as making a wish on our birthday, or whether it is a sophisticated ritual involving all kinds of movements, lights and music or worship of God.

In both cases we are using the power of the ritual in order to create magic in our life.
By doing rituals, we connect to the nature and universe. This brings the energy & positivity in life. Every time that we consciously connect to the universal energy in order to direct it to a specific result that we wish to manifest in our life, we are utilizing magic. The purpose of rituals is to demonstrate this connection between nature and its laws. Rituals are a reminder to us that we are an intricate part of this vast universe.

Ritual contributes to your wholeness by allowing enough safety and freedom for all the parts of yourself to be expressed.

Rituals are important in our daily life, because they allow us:
  •          To bring positivity in the life;
  •          To build the confidence in what we are doing;  
  •          To be as creative as we wish;
  •          To enjoy ourselves and have fun;
  •          To experience beauty and pleasure in our life;
  •          Positive thinking brings positive things in the life.

Hence whatsoever you believe, follow the rituals. They have powers and magic… 

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