Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wining Asia Pacific HR Leadership Award 2014....

Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2014....

I was at Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2014 on 11th Sept 2014. It was a great pleasure to be there and interact with CEOs and top HR leaders across industries, Indian and MNCs. I was one of the recipient of  “Asia Pacific HRM Leadership Award”. I had received the mail from Congress somewhere in April that I was short-listed for this award by the research team of Congress. I was delighted and proud to be short-listed for such award and that at Asia Pacific level. I am always committed to the profession but before that I am passionate for what I do. I like to work on innovations in HR and build the team so that they excel in their career. I express my sincere thanks for selecting me for this award. This is really a great honour and I dedicate this to my family, team and my known, unknown mentors in my life.

 I also spoke in the congress in the session on “Creating Global Leaders.”  This session was chaired by Rajiv Noronha, (Head –OE, BPS-TCS). Rajeev has written well on his blog about the session. He writes, “First presentation by Vinod Bidwaik, HR Director at  DSM India Pvt Ltd,  brought out how leadership is key to securing the future for company which is driven by innovation.   The company had evolved  over a period of 110 years from a mining company to a high tech speciality plastics products company and also getting into some amazing innovations that will drive the growth.  To enable this you needed to shape the right behaviours right from entry  screening to retention and motivation and the right leadership was needed to provide that direction.   After all Leadership is a verb and not a noun.  It is all about driving momentum and bringing change and not about remaining good where you are.  The six stage model that was presented made an interesting learning from the companies five year journey.”

Please refer Rajiv blog, for details and perspective of other speakers, Wing Commander Naresh Taneja Head HR for IRB Infrastructure Services and also Rajiv.

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