Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fluidity in leadership

Most of the times, we have some assumptions about leadership. This is based on our understanding and observations. We follow somebody in our life, and we assume that the person to whom we are following has great leadership style. We get inspired by their traits; however, we ignore some detrimental traits. They may have some great leadership traits but there may be fluidity in few values. There are some fall out stories in Indian and international corporate world.   

Over a period, I realized that leadership is about insight and character of the person. Leaders are also human beings but then as a leader they have more responsibilities to have the right insight. They need to understand that they are observed by the people. People who are projected great leaders in media are not necessarily a great leader. They may be great business managers. Most of the times, leaders ignore the insight about self and insight about others. I have observed few flaws in managers which restricts them to be role model leaders.

Bringing “own” people: Few managers, when take the charge of the business, try to bring “their” own people. Identifying the right talent and bringing them in the organization is always good. And it is the job of leadership. But sometimes managers have their own biases and they try to bring their people to whom they are comfortable with. It is very sad that they don’t think that internal people have capabilities without doing any assessment. Working with the existing team which you have got and getting the results from them is the top leadership trait.  

Allowing short circuits in decision making: Organizations have their own governance model. While working in such governance models, it is crucial to follow the proper system while making decisions. But sometimes, such governance structure is bypassed. If somebody doesn't like the way of working and decisions taken, such decisions are reverse favourably only to accommodate somebody. I think such behaviour is utter nonsense. Managers forget that their such behaviour is observed by all people. It has an adverse impact on the culture.    

If you are a leader, just get insight and check that you are doing the right things. Creating the culture is the accountability of top management and it starts with the leaders. If as a leader you are not doing right, your employees will follow you. Don’t blame them.   


Avdhut Musale said...

Wow...What an article. You nailed it! These kinds of leaders behaviour showcase their incompetence to deal with the situation and embrace change.

Unknown said...

Very neatly articulated blog. Great value to bidding managers. I too have similar experience. Every manager need to understand that he is being observed by others hence character play's very important role in all the spears of life.

Shailesh said...

Superb food for thought, As a leader introspection is must.

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