Sunday, March 15, 2020

Control your negative thought and be happy

Everybody is speaking about Corona and it is too much, I think. Hence I have decided to write about feelings which are created because of such types of events in life. Let's take a small break from corona. However please take care and follow guidelines issued by the government on time to time.     
There was one incident which didn’t give me positive feeling. I got disturbed. When I started thinking, I realised that this is a very small incident and I was disturbed because of somebody else. I was unnecessary worried because of his behaviour. You also must have experienced similar things in your life. Do you know how many though come in our mind? Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. Our mind continuously processes the information which we receive through different channels and events in our life and around us; mind also analyse the information based on our past experiences and assumptions. And then we interpret the situation which gives us good or bad feelings. We become happy or unhappy depending upon the situation. Situation is not important; the analysis and interpretation are important.      
Based on such events, we express 6 types of emotions.
Happiness is always good but what’s about other emotions like sadness, fear, disgust, anger and surprise? Why these emotions generated?
Negative feelings come because of few following reasons:
Overthinking: Few people have the habit of over thing. We think so much without no reasons. If some incident happened, the brain will actively start thinking, analysing, reading between the lines. Excess thinking gives the stress and we become unhappy.    
Fear of losing somethings, like power, money etc: If there are some changes in the organization or in the life, most of the people tend to resist the change. The reason is they feel that they will lose something. And this fear of loosing something creates havoc in the life. 
Uncertainty: Few people will always think about the future challenges. Thinking about the future is very good, but that should be for the learning and development purpose. But when people take this personally & without much taking action, they unnecessarily get worried about the issues which even does not exist.
Fear of failure: people don’t take actions. They think that if they do something, they will not succeed. They always are worried about their targets, goals and this creates stress resulting unhappiness. 
Apart from above there are few reasons like bad roads, bad traffic, behaviours of people around. If something does not happen as expected, we get worried and it creates negative feelings.  
What should we do to overcome such negative feelings? Try some following tips.
Accept the reality
Accept and recognise the situation. You can’t blame always to bad roads, bad traffic, indiscipline of the people. Accept that you can’t change the whole world, but you can change your world. 
Decide your response wisely.
When any negative feelings come because of some events, just hold back. Think that am I overthinking because of this incident? Is it necessary to think much? Recognize your feeling for time being and then decide what do you want. Perhaps the issue may be little, and you can solve it by proper response. Think about the best way to express your emotion.
Learn how to change your mood.
At a certain point, you'll want to shift from a negative mood into a positive one. Otherwise your thinking may get stuck on how bad things are, and that can drag you down into feeling worse. Try doing things that make you happy, even if you don't feel like it at the time. For example, you might be in the mood to go out after a fight with your spouse but just staying back silently and then initiating the communication can lift you out of that negative space.
Build positive & constructive emotions.
Reflection and insight are keys of happy life. Try to understand what went wrong so that you are feeling bad. Positive feelings create a sense of happiness and well-being. Make it a habit to notice and focus on what's good in your life, even the small things, like the praise your peer, colleague etc. Noticing the good things even when you're feeling bad can help you shift the emotional balance from negative to positive.
Get a help
Talk about how you're feeling with a trusted friend, spouse, parent etc. They can help you explore your emotions and give you a fresh way of thinking about things. And nothing helps you feel more understood and cared for than the support of someone who loves you for who you are.
Physical activity helps the brain produce natural chemicals that promote a positive mood. Exercise also can release stress build-up and help you from staying stuck on negative feelings.


Ravindra Patil said...

Very nice

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Very Nice

Sanjay Panse said...

Great insights Vinod... God Bless You

ARIF said...

I feel relax after reading your article sir

AvdhutMusale said...

Very well articulated!

Never allow "over-thoughts" to dig your graveyard. It’s out of question If you give them an inch, they will take a mile and keep troubling you 24/7.

"Overthinking" must be replaced by "Thinking Over"

Unknown said...

good well written

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