Saturday, March 28, 2020

What is in "Vitality in Human Resource?"

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Unpredictable events around the world have impacted business and the way business is done. Automation and digitalization are changing the landscape of the workforce. Managers are expected to be the first HR managers for their team. With such challenges, we also need to redefine our approach towards the human capital in the organization. We need to focus more on “Human” factor. It is also crucial to coach managers on managing Human Resource with right intent. Everybody needs to find the human factor in automated HR processes. After all, human resource function is related to people. It is about understanding “human” into the human resource processes. This book is a compilation of such examples of finding “Human” factor in HR processes. You will get insight about Human in all HR processes, from hiring to separations. Events and stories mentioned here will help you to crystallize your thought process. This book is not only for HR professionals, but also for other Managers and management professionals who are handling teams. As a manager, you will also get some insights about your own development. Some chapters are dedicated to individual learning and as a manager, you can always help your team members to develop in assent perspective. In short, this is a booster dose for improving your Human Resource acumen.

Every article is the story behind HR processes, leadership and management.
You will relate all stories with your experience.

This book is for all managers & business leaders to improve their HR acumen and human quotient 

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