Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why don’t people think logically?

In September 1995, whole India was mass mesmerized  and was offering the milk to Lord Ganesha.

Then in 2006, Hundreds of people flocked to Mahim beach after reports of sea water turning sweet spread all over the city.

Again in somewhere in 2012, Jesus wept and people made the crowd to get the tears in bottle.

And there are many more news.  

There are people who invest  their hard earned money in the Ponzi schemes expecting huge ROI, which is always impossible. There believe on stories and go behind people who are much more smarter than them. Same thing is in multi-level marketing and try to become rich immediately.  They don’t think logically, why anybody will buy their product (say magnet mattress of Rs. 1 lacs)? Why somebody will buy products which are almost 10 time costlier than other products.
If you go in detail, you will come to know that only promoters have become wealthy on the money of investors.     

Then, there are incidences, where people believe on fishing mails like lottery, job and fake password change notification from banks and end up losing their money.

People who are victims are not illiterate, most of the times, they are educated including doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers etc. What make them to believe on such mad and weird things.  
The question is why they don’t think logically? Why don’t they ask questions on the authenticity? Such frauds and scams are nonsense and people believe this nonsense.  In essence, people believe nonsense because it serves a psychological purpose. Everybody wants to be rich very fast, want to be successful.  In this process, they don’t even think on what is right or wrong for them.

It is always better to show a simple common sense and think logically on such matters.

What do you think? 

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